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 CERBERUS BOOKS, a division of CERBERUS CORPORATION, an Oregon Corporation, is the excusive publisher and a trade distributor of the fiction 
and non-fiction
works of Gerald (Vic) Hurley (1898 - 1978) and others, including:




                   Swish of the Kris, the Story of the Moros, Authorized and Enhanced Edition  
     by Vic Hurley

This is an improved and enhanced edition of the author's (1938) classic work about the history and origin of the Islamic, Pagan and Christian Filipinos. It traces the origin of the present Filipinos from prehistory to the early twentieth century and emphasizes the culture and character of the Islamic Filipinos - the Moros. 

 This 2010 edition contains new photographs from the author's personal collection, new maps, a new comprehensive index, and a new Introduction describing the author's context at the time of writing.

It is important to students of Philippine history and current events - especially as it relates to the connection of Islam to the West.  The Philippine government continues to attempt to quell the violence in the southern islands relating to the Moro's 400 year struggle for independence and a self-governed homeland.

This book also relates the final chapter of the Spanish occupation of the Philippines and the United States military's attempt to subjugate the native population at the end of the Spanish-American War - and the subsequent Philippine-American war for independence.

As a final note: this book is a resource for students of Philippine martial arts.  It describes events and the culture that created the discipline.                                           320 pps, 12 illustrations, List $29.95 

 (c) 2010 Suzanne J. Hurley-Kersh,  ISBN 13:978-0-615-38242-5; 10: 061-538-242-8
          BISAC: HIS 027000 History / Military / General 
                   REL 037010 Religion / Islam / History
                          HIS 048000 History / Asia / Southeast Asia 

                          Jungle Patrol, the Story of the Philippine Constabulary (1901 - 1936)  
     by Vic Hurley

Hurley's remakable and hard-to-find book about an obscure and heroic quasi-military force, the Philippine Constabulary, is now re-issued in a new, improved edition containing all of the original text, updated maps, and other fresh material.

The Constabulary was created as a political expediency by the Philippine Commission headed by William Howard Taft at the behest of President McKinley in 1901, to supress Philippine insurgencies, turmoil, and violence at the end of the Spanish-American War. The American public, by then, had become hostile to the use of American military forces in the islands.  The Philippine Constabulary was America's first experiment with using  native forces under the command of 'foreign' officers to supress native uprisings, banditry, and piracy.  It was also America's first experiment with jungle warfare and is studied today by students of military history. Subequently the Constabulary became a respected and honored native Philippine institution.

This book is importatnt to students of military history, jungle warfare, the use of native troops, and the history of the Philippines and Southeast Asia.    

As a final note: this book is a resource for students of Philippine marial arts. It describes the events and the cullture which created the discipline.                                    420 pps; 24 illustrations; List $29.95 

(c) 2011 Suzanne J. Hurley-Kersh, ISBN 13: 978-0-9834756-2-0; 10: 0-9834756-2-8
       BISAC:  HIS 048000 History / Asia / Southeast Asia
                  LAW 026000 Law / Criminal Law / General
                    HIS 027180 History / Military / Special Forces 

         Edited by Suzanne J. Hurley-Kersh

                                       A compilation of rare historical articles recounting feats of the early Philippine Constabulary, the plight of the  American officers who served in it, and a personal biographical note about the author, historian and adventuter, Vic Hurley.

INTRODUCTION - Vic Hurley - Niece's Personal Narrative. Vic Hurley was a larger-than-life figure to his niece.  In this brief article she describes her subsequent rediscovery of his work and his history.

THE PHILIPPINE CONSTABULARY - A colorful first person narrative by an unidentified officer on Constabulary duty at a remote edge of the jungle, after the Spanish-American War. (1911)

THE SULU MOROS A detailed assessment of the personalities, customs, and behaviors of the Islamic Filipinos, their Sultan, and the tropic environment, with emphasis on the suicidal practices of amok and juramentado, as observed by an American Constabulary officer. (1913)

WITH THE SULU CONSTABULARY ON THE LATEST FRONTIER OF THE UNITED STATES - The routine and the exciting challenges facing the nascent Philippine national police, its foreign officers and its native recruits as they try to bring peace and order to the jungle. (1913)

RED EPAULETS IN THE SUNLIGHT - The forgotten men of American military history are the white officers of the Philippine Constabulary who fought under completely new concepts of battle. 
                                                                                                        94 pps, List $11.95

C) 2013 Suzanne J. Hurley-Kersh ISBN 13:978-09834756-0-6; 10:09834756-0-1
BISAC: HIS048000 History / Asia / Southeast Asia
HIS027180 History / Military / Special Forces
BIO007000 Biography & Autobiography / Literary


                       Arrows Against Steel, the Story of the Bow and How It Forever Changed Warfare  
     by Vic Hurley  

This book is a new edition of the author's timeless and rare classic 1975 work.  It is the product of more than forty years of Hurley's military experience, travel and research.  It places this weapon in its proper historical perspective.

Archery enthusiasts will appreciate the historical importance of this weapon and students of military history will find the story of development of missile based strategy and tactics compelling.  While it summarizes the types and styles of bows and arrows and their development over time, the real thrust of the book is the analysis of their use in key historical battles and conflicts  including the American West.                                                                   242 pps, List $19.95

(c) 2011 Suzanne J, Hurley-Kersh,  ISBN 13:978-0-9834756-1-3; 10: 0-9834756-1-X
BISAC: HIS 027080 History / Military / Weapons
         HIS 027060 History / Military / Strategy
               SPO 002000 Sports and Recreation / Archery


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